ECO Canada's Essential Skills Certificate Programs

ECO Canada has launched two new certificate programs designed to support the growth and advancement of professionals in the environmental sector. Thanks to the generous funding of the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills, we are able to offer these programs at a nominal cost to employers across Canada.

The goal of the program is to collect data on the impacts of essential skills training on employee and business development, while supporting employers to help attract, retain and engage their employees.

Certificate Program Outlines
Both certificate programs are self-directed, web-based training. Employees can work at their own pace and the training typically takes 15-20 hours to complete.

Throughout the program, organizations will receive regular training reports and personal check-ins on employee progress.

Essential Skills 100:

  • Ideal for entry-level environmental professionals (<1 year) or post secondary graduates who are looking for career development or employment opportunities. 
  • Course topics include: professional communications,project management and technical writing basics.
  • Uses pre and post-assessments to identify skill gaps and gains.

Essential Skills 200:

  • Ideal for junior-level environmental professionals (1-3 years) seeking advance mentor transitioning into a new role.
  • Courses topics include: project management, technical writing, consulting, and environmental law.
  • Uses pre and post-assessments to identify skill gaps and gains.

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